Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quarry Competition

Last weekend's competition was awesome. Everyone agreed that the routes were the best of any comp (it helped that the routesetters set 20 more routes). The extra options enabled all the competitors to really show off what they've learned in the last few months. The Quarry Team placed better than they have in any competition. That's the last competition until Regionals in Bozeman on January 16th 2010.

Here are some photos from the comp, feel free to click here to see even more!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Competition this Saturday the 14th!

In case your climber hasn't told you already we are having another climbing competition this coming Saturday at the Quarry. Please talk with your climber to see if you can make it. We're really excited that this competition will be held at the Quarry as the homefield advantage exists in climbing as well! 

I'll be posting more information about the competition in the next few days. 

Tuesday Practice being held at Momentum!

Hi everyone more information about the practice on Tuesday the 10th. This coming Tuesday we will be holding our climbing practice at Momentum climbing gym in Sandy. We are doing this because the bouldering area in the Quarry will be under construction in preparation for the competition this coming weekend.

Momentum is our sister climbing gym at 106 south in Sandy. 

We will hold practice at Momentum (at the same time as their team) from 4:30-6:30. We will be carpooling by meeting at the Quarry at 4pm. We will have a few cars which will be able to take kids to Sandy for this practice, but we are always needing carspace so please consider helping out and making the drive. 

Your child will need a waiver to climb at Momentum. You can download them on the Momentum website by clicking Here. This will need to be filled out prior to the practice.  You can get addition information about momentum at

Meet at the Quarry no later than 4 pm. 

Thanks, again if you have any questions about this change please let us know,

Matthew Pecsok

Rockhaus Competition

The climbing competition in Logan was a huge success for our team. After a bit of a slow start the climbers started picking off climbs they could do. By the end of the day most kids had placed very well in their categories. One thing Dallin and I noticed was that our competitors were scared of topping out, which means we will be focusing for the next few weeks on taking falls in the gym. We learn a little more about how to focus on point scores and what needs to happen for each climber to reach his/her potential after each comp. I think the coming competition on November 14th at the Quarry will be a good event to apply what we've learned.

We'd also like to thank the parents who drove so far to get their kids (and even the coaches, thanks Wendy!) to the competition. 

If you would like to see the scores from the competition please check out Momentum's blog @